Acting resume

SAG_AFTRA: 10247505

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5’8”

Vocal: Baritone




Life of the Party                                  Harley                                      television pilot

Nightwolf                                            Hunter                                     film

Creeporia                                            Rhett Butler                             film

Dicky (voice)

ComedySportz                                    Performer                                improv theatre

Mr. Voice

The Great Twinkie Caper                   Ty                                             short film

Controlled Catastrophe                      Performer                                improv theatre

Night of January 16th                         Defense Atty. Mr. Stevens       theatre

Crossroads                                         Tramp                                     touring children’s theatre

I Hate Hamlet                                     John Barrymore                      theatre

Taming of the Shrew                         Tranio                                     theatre

Sylvia                                                  Tom                                         theatre

Death Takes a Holiday                       Death                                      theatre

Fiddler on the Roof                            Motel                                       theatre

A Connecticut Yankee in                    Merlin                                     theatre

King Arthur’s Court

Oklahoma                                           Ali Hakim                                 theatre

Hello, Dolly                                         Ambrose Kemper                    theatre

Once Upon a Mattress                      The Jester                                theatre

The Student Prince                            Chorus                                    theatre


Upright Citizens Brigade                                2011-present


B.S. in Theatre Arts                                         Manchester College

Second City Workshop

Singing                                                             7 Years


Unique/various voices, Broadcasting, Singing, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Horseback riding, Improvisation, Athletic, Boxing, Bodybuilding, Most sports, Can make myself cry, Film production, Expressive eyes & eyebrows


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